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Detroit has a multitude of talented female artists that need a platform and the opportunities to share their talents and cultivate their careers as visual artists. DMJStudio has taken on this challenge and created WW Art Gallery (Women’s Work Art Gallery) a gallery for women, run by women, exhibiting the works of women in Detroit, and beyond. While our focus is women artists in Detroit/Michigan, we are here to represent women artists of the world.

The gallery will be located near historic Boston-Edison Neighborhood.  The door will open in 2018.


WW Art Gallery will have monthly exhibitions featuring female artists, provide classes in business strategy, marketing and branding as well as classes for young girls and young female artists to help them find joy in the creative process. This location will become a place to cultivate female artists talent and a museum holding the history and works of female artists.



Upcoming events around in Detroit, Michigan and around the world.

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Artists Resources

List of resources to help build your creative career. Includes grant opportunities and employment opportunities.

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News and Info

Read some of the latest news on women, art and upcoming exhibitions here.

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10,000 Women Campaign

We need your support to make this gallery a reality and success. Join our 10,000 Women Campaign where we have a goal for 10,000 Women to donate $10 or more to go toward the leasing and/or purchasing of our gallery location. 

Your support will also bring some of the best talents to run our community art classes, workshop and provide a safe, and beautiful place to store and showcase artwork by women.



Meet Myett

As we build our website you will get a chance to meet many female artists from our city of Detroit and other places around the globe. Our first featured artists is Myett Risker. 

My photographic work is solely based on the perspective that I cover in a veil of storytelling.  Finding beauty out of chaos has always been a driving force for my art, while simultaneously integrating a perspective view, which I find fascinating.  My firm belief is that no one sees the world exactly the same.  My collection is comprised of snapshots and abstraction pieces.    I am exploring other mediums that I can couple with my love for photography that will assist me in my quest to tell stories about the world in which we reside. This approach enables me to have developed a body of work that is not the typical expectations of a traditional photography portfolio. I feel that fine art and journalism are both very poignant and instrumental in conveying a story.
Graduate of College for Creative Studies. I’ve shown my work in various galleries, served on Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit's board, curated and created various art show. I have been published in Huffpost and other publications.



Next Steps...

If you are interested in a platform just women, contact us.