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Old Women Replaced Young Men as  Art World’s Darlings

“They’ve always been visible and exhibiting, but most of them had careers that weren’t at the center of the art world,” says Mary Sabbatino, vice president at Galerie Lelong, which began representing the Paris-based, Lebanese-born artist Etel Adnan in 2014...“But she wasn’t discovered; the venue finally matched her achievements.”

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Confetti Becomes Art to Inspire Women

Early on election night last November, artist Bunny Burson looked to New York City’s Javits Center ceiling, expecting confetti to fall to celebrate Hillary Clinton becoming the nation's first woman president. But the confetti never fell.

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Future of African Women in Arts

An art exhibition is a confluence of creative minds and the perfect opportunity to understand the current thinking of a country’s intelligentsia.

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Article from Detroit Free Press

Artist Explores female imagery in social media

At a shockingly early age, females are taught to think of themselves as presentational objects. This includes dressing up, wearing makeup, smiling and modifying their behavior to meet the emotional needs of other people.

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