There are several organizations and websites with resources for the female emerging/established artists. Below are just a few.

DMJStudio - ArtBrand

If you are an artist, gallery owner or manager of a museum and are in need of branding and project management support, DMJStudio is ready to help.  Providing consultation, design and strategic planning and research for individual artists and small art-based businesses and organizations.

Andy Warhol Foundation

When Andy Warhol died unexpectedly on February 22, 1987, he left a vast and complicated inventory of works of art and personal possessions. His will dictated that his entire estate, with the exception of a few modest legacies to family members, should be used to create a foundation dedicated to the "advancement of the visual arts." In its early days, the Foundation brought artists, curators, administrators, educators, critics and others together to help it shape a responsive, committed and engaged philanthropic organization.  The grantmaking program that grew out of these meetings and the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to protect and enhance its founder’s creative legacy ensure that Warhol’s inventive, open-minded spirit will have a profound impact on the visual arts for generations to come.

The Awesome Foundation

The Awesome Foundation is an ever-growing worldwide community devoted to forwarding the interest of awesome in the universe. Created in the long hot summer days of 2009 in Boston, the Foundation distributes $1,000 grants, no strings attached, to projects and their creators. At each fully autonomous chapter, the money is pooled together from the coffers of ten or so self-organizing “micro-trustees” and given up front in cash, check, or gold doubloons.

Creative Placemaking

The term “placemaking” has been used in the community development field since the 1960s. It’s an overarching strategy for improving local places. You can’t change a place just by developing housing, you can’t just improve public safety or make streets attractive. We’ve learned that improving quality of life in disinvested places takes a multipronged, overall approach.

Grant Space Individual Art Funding Resources

20 Obtainable Grants

Making art is expensive business, and working artists look for any financial help they can get. To supplement the costs of fabrication, art materials, studio space, and travel, one of the most popular sources of funds is fellowships and grants.

Grant Makers in the Arts

Joan Mitchell Foundation

The Joan Mitchell Foundation is excited to announce the Emerging Artist Grant Pilot Program, an initiative designed to assist emerging visual artists across the United States. This pilot program awards a diverse group of ten artists with an unrestricted grant of $12,000 per artist in addition to professional support throughout the year.

Moore Women Artists:

Need to find a gallery, studio, arts related business or another women’s visual arts organization? Here is a robust directory of resources for women artists and designers.

National Museum of Women in the Arts

By bringing to light remarkable women artists of the past while also promoting the best women artists working today, the museum directly addresses the gender imbalance in the presentation of art in the U.S. and abroad, thus assuring great women artists a place of honor now and into the future.

Women's Studio Workshop

Women’s Studio Workshop has an artist-centered philosophy and a deep commitment to the individual’s creative process. We support this vision through providing time and space in the form of grants, residencies, and internships where artists can come to work with 24-hour access to our studios.

Women Arts

Women Arts Individual Art Resource List

WomenArts is dedicated to increasing the visibility of women artists in all art forms. We put the spotlight on women artists every March through Support Women Artists Now Day, and we share news about trailblazing women artists and gender parity activists all year long through the WomenArts Blog.